Five Tips on How to Decorate with Authenticity

Five Tips on How to Decorate with Authenticity

Before becoming a Freelance Artist I was an interior painter and thus have some unique insight for you.  When I walk into someone’s space and it tells a story about the people who live there I want to shout YES!  Your authenticity is magical and non-conforming eclectic spaces are what’s in now.  I have some tips on how to decorate with originality while leaving your space feeling harmonic.

1. Believe it or not you’re trying to create order by curating the perfect space

We as humans typically prefer order over chaos and so this is how we make our decor choices.  Your space may have an accent colour that is themed throughout, a connection between each object which makes you feel like you live in an environment of order.  My mission is to break this default thought process and get people to stop thinking about perfection and instead to curate spaces that reflect who they are. You can still create harmony in the way you arrange your space and by not letting clutter take over.

2. We create a facade and treat our decor like a mask instead of letting our unique selves shine.

 Think of your life experiences, I bet you have done some cool shit! Your life is not cookie cutter nor should your living or work space be.  If you can’t see how awesome you are you need to look deeper. Do those purely decorative balls in a bowl really say something about your unique self? That beach scene artwork from Homesense is a nice image, but have you been to that place or does it just match your throw pillows? I love Homesense, but when your home is filled with mass produced art and decor it becomes dry.  Keep it juicy!

3. Display your keepsakes and vintage decor.

The increasingly popular Marie Kondo from the Netflix show Tidying Up says “display your keepsakes when you can” and I couldn’t agree more.  We hide our favorite plates, Grandma’s vase and babies first Converse in sacred places and only look at them, never.  This is often out of fear they will get damaged, but what’s a treasured item unless you can enjoy it? What speaks more to who you are than your beautiful personal items?  Buff it up, reframe it, look at it through a new filter. Lock away anything priceless and let the rest shine on!

4. Go slow and enjoy the process.

 I see it so often, when people are renovating or moving into a new space, they want to see the room to completion asap. Try spending more time choosing bona fide art and decor.  The truth is, you are the one who will be experiencing the space so appeal to your own desires first. Guests will have the pleasure of getting to know you a little better when visiting and the style police won’t be at your door anytime soon. Collect over the years and shop local and direct from the artist when you can. This process can form connections and create lasting memories around each item.

5. We have been using the same formulas for too long.

Of course there are rules that just make sense for maintaining a good flow of traffic and honoring the function of a room.  When it comes to finishing a room with colour, accents and style this is where we can get creative. Instead of floating art alone on a wall, try a salon style grouping or a gallery wall.  If you don’t have free range babies or mischevious pets in the house why can’t art and mirrors hang low or lean against a wall? Textiles and texture are good. Even if you’re a minimalist, fill your space!  It’s okay because purposeful placement will feel mindful and organized. I look to the style of designers such as Emily Henderson and Justina Blakeney who both advocate for eclectic authentic decor. It simply becomes a game of aesthetics and composition.

On the wrap, If you can surround yourself with genuine style that moves you, I bet it will permeate into your everyday life.  Your Home is your sanctuary no matter how big or small, owned or rented.  It is your nest. It is your tiny corner of the world so adorn it with treasures. Check your default when it comes to making decor purchases.  Get bold and break the ‘rules’. It’s okay, permission granted because you only live once and authenticity rules!