How I do my accounting as a freelance artist

How I do my accounting as a freelance artist

Send beautifully branded invoices via email

I can customize invoices with my own logo and colours for a personal touch. Payments are made easy with payment options built right in so my clients can pay quickly and securely. Payments can be made via PayPal or through the FreshBooks payment processor, which is safe and secure. You can also have people pay you via e-transfer if that’s what you prefer.

FRESHBOOKS is one of my favorite business tools as a Freelance Artist, here’s why…

I can track my business expenses

I linked my bank account and my credit card to my expense page and I keep track of my expenses right in FreshBooks. This is not a fancy software ad-on, it’s built right in! I can label my expenses if I need to, and often times the expense is recognized and catagorized accordingly. My ‘loblaws’ purchases for example go right into my ‘groceries’ section. Colour coded pie charts are made automatically and as an artist I LOVE this visual.

Track your time, great for hourly projects.

When you work by the hour (or when you just want to keep track of how you’re spending your work time), you can use the handy time-tracking feature in FreshBooks. You can track each project or client individually and see exactly where you’re spending your time (and know exactly how much to bill!). I don’t use this feature for every project, but it has come in handy for longer duration projects.

Run real-time reports.

FreshBooks has tons of useful reports built right in. Want a quick Profits and loses report? You can get one in FreshBooks (if you’re importing your expenses). I love this feature as it helped me realize I spend a significant amount of money on art supplies which promted me to search and find canvas and paint wholesalers. Want to know which clients take longest to pay you? There’s a report for that too!


When it comes time to do my taxes I am so grateful that I am not sorting through spreadsheets like I was doing for a decade! Or swimming in a pile of receipts for days. You will thank yourself I promise. If you like keeping receipts for peace of mind or as a back-up do it, I do. You can also take pictures of them and import it into FreshBooks. I admit I do not do this, but maybe one day.

Contact me anytime for free advice

Contact me anytime via email at, I am more than happy to help with accounting advice. Whoa I just said I can help with accounting advice! I have not always been good at math or keeping track of my finances but I have been using FreshBooks for 3 years and it has truly changed that. You can also contact FreshBooks directly, their customer service is fantastic.