Meet Christine

Colour. Crush. Creative.

Freelance Artist

Christine Miller is a Freelance Artist and multi-disciplinary Painter. Miller is an emerging Visual Artist who sells her paintings to a wide audience.  She also works in film and television as a scenic painter and she paints signs, props and murals.

In her latest series of paintings, Miller creates vibrant abstract scenes depicting nature blended with domestic design elements and patterns.  A forest like landscape in a bowl for example or a row of tress with what looks like wallpaper in the background. Miller hopes to spark a unity between our domestic home and our sense of home in nature.

Miller, was born in Calgary Alberta, grown in Burlington Ontario and has lived in Toronto since 2012. She acquired her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Environmental science from Guelph University.

Miller Art can be found online, and in rotating coffee shops and restaurants around the city.




  • YTV Show “Make It Pop”
  • Dillons Brewery
  • Star Trek ‘Discovery’
  • Reno and Decor Magazine
  • Toronto Fringe Festival 2018


  • Riverside Artwalk
  • Cabbagetown Arts and Crafts Fair
  • a hopeful first time applicant for the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair